Sorry. Sorry a million times.

I made a promise. I broke that promise.

I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while, for two reasons: first of all, I apologize to you guys because I’m no longer sharing my comics with you on a regular basis (even though I said I would). And then secondly I feel sorry for myself because I love drawing comics and showing them to whoever is willing to read them.

The reason I haven’t been drawing/posting is because school has started up again and I’ve found myself swamped with work. I decided academic success was more important to me than keeping up with a hobby.

Anyway, I do promise to continue drawing and I will post comics whenever I have the opportunity. In the meantime, please enjoy this measly drawing I created with Paint.


Thanks for putting up with all this.


4 thoughts on “Sorry. Sorry a million times.

  1. Dr. Fuzz, your hair is all frazzled and on end–you look a bit of a mess, pardon me for saying so. Maybe you should head on over to that Car & Pet Wash and see if they’d be willing to help you freshen up!

    (Good luck with your studies.)

  2. No worries. Education is super important so putting that before everything else is good. Don’t put more pressure on yourself than necessary. Enjoy school, life… be happy, stay sane and post when ready. :)

  3. The start of school is always a busy time, I drop most of my hobby’svin the first weeks too. You can pick them up again when school has become a routine and it’s not as tiring anymore :) Good luck!

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