Hot n Cold

Heights (24) - 2Word play on the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Speaking of the weather, hope you are enjoying your summer or your winter (depending on where you are on this planet). Has anyone read Wuthering Heights? Is it somewhat interesting? I have it on my bookshelf but haven’t opened it yet.

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2 thoughts on “Hot n Cold

  1. Leave it on your shelf. First book I ever truly hated (not because it wasn’t interesting, though, but because the characters are so darn hatable). You’ll be happier if you leave it on the shelf. Of course, reading it may inspire you to create more comics just to cheer yourself and others who have read the book. So … it’s a toss up.

    • Thanks for the review! I guess I’ll open it once I’ve read everything on my ”to read” list and am dying to start a new book.

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