Lost in translation

Français (7) - 2 PNG

Ever thought the words you were saying in another language made sense but you were actually saying something completely different? Embarrassing, I know.

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17 thoughts on “Lost in translation

      • C’est avec plaisir! Ca fait du bien un bon gag en français dans cette immense wordpressphère… Vais peut-être m’y remettre aussi…

      • Vous avez entièrement raison! Je trouve qu’il n’y a pas assez de contenu français (ou devrais-je dire non-anglais?) sur ce site. J’aimerais bien un jour voir un article sous la section Freshly Pressed dans la langue de Molière…

  1. All the time. I’ve made this classic one: I thought I was saying “I’m hungry”: J’ai faim, but I actually said “I’m a woman” Je suis femme – wrong verb + horrible pronunciation. Glad to say I’ve come a long way since then, and the confused looks I receive when I speak are fewer and further between!

    • Oh dear, that must have been embarrassing indeed. Luckily you are in fact a woman – the contrary might have gotten you even more confused looks!

      Personally I can never remember the word for ”embarrassed” in Spanish, which has resulted in me announcing a non-existent pregnancy to strangers a few times… talk about embarrassing.
      Note to self: ”estoy embarazada” is most certainly not the same thing as ”me avergüenza”.

  2. haha too funny! I literally laughed out loud! I also shared it on facey for you. Figured if it got me to laugh out loud then other people should be seeing it too. Have an awesome day!

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