Lost in translation

Français (7) - 2 PNG

Ever thought the words you were saying in another language made sense but you were actually saying something completely different? Embarrassing, I know.

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SURPRISE! It’s a Monday post! I’m going to post off schedule occasionally just to give this blog an unexpected side – an element of surprise, shall we say?

Hope you weren’t eating while reading this one. If you were, sorry about that.

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Wax or shave?

Unibrow (8) PNG

Let’s hope her name isn’t Ms. Bush!

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Don’t you see baby, this is perfection

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I drew this in math class a few years ago. Actually, I come up with most of my first comic strips in class. Just goes to show you how boredom can bring out creativity! Here’s the song this strip refers to.

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A Doodle

The Bird is the Word2 PNG

I hope the weather’s nice wherever you are! Here’s wishing you a wonderful day.

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